Mock brief, volume no. 3

For the cover of this imaginary book, the third volume in an imaginary series of design manuals, I reimagined Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man as the Android thingy. And because I did not know how to make vector drawings back then, I had to create the Android figure out of circles and rectangles added together in strategic combinations.

At the time, after graduating from the very first batch of the book design course at the Seagull School of Publishing, I was floundering to find my own style. This was when Sunandini Banerjee, who had almost single handedly taught the entire course that year, being also the most absolutely fantastic person that she is, handed me a sheaf of mock briefs to help, so I could practice visualising covers. But not just that, she then painstakingly went over the faltering drafts that I put together and sent her, writing back with plenty of encouragement and a brilliant list of tweaks that could totally transform the covers. This is a rare, approved almost as is, fake cover from this period.